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How To Use The Crystal To Push The Money
- Aug 20, 2018 -

1. Put in Kyrgyzstan: with Crystal gift placed in the direction of eight Baghi, this will be able to enlarge the power of the stars, and eight white is the five elements of Saturn, crystal Five elements of the Earth, Crystal will be purchased into a dual-use, will be the strength of the eight Baghi more strong. 2. Urge to make money: at least once a day, face the crystal, will oneself hope the future development of the cause of a miss, and will be the benefit of their own to make a miss, so that half of the power of hypnosis, can make their own strenuous, and use the crystal to urge the wealth of people many, in the invisible.

The crystal urges the wealth to have already made the gravitation by the public thought power, when you join this circle, gravity is strong again, and the people with this kind of power is the relationship with this circle, help the crystal pull the wealth of gravity will extend to their body, so that their own money opportunities to increase, this is the use of crystal properties of the money.

Crystal Gift not only in the purchase of attention, in the home display more carefully, only the choice of crystal suitable for their own, the correct placement to achieve the desired Feng shui role, will let its gas field to play the biggest function.