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How To Choose Crystal Crafts
- Aug 20, 2018 -

A good crystal, as long as you close the palm, but do not need to contact the crystal (palm and crystal distance of one inch is enough), there will be the following feeling:

1. There is a pressure to the palm, which means that the crystal energy is strong. 2. The palm has a little paralysis feeling, which is the indication of strong magnetic field.

If the palm near the crystal, the feeling is very weak, which means that the crystal energy is biased or quality is not high-grade, in addition to this, is a person to do the crystal.

Natural crystal can be divided into the following kinds of concrete:

Crystal ball-The five elements of the crystal ball belong to the Earth gold, can be placed in the five elements of the Earth or Gold Star Gua Ji, also has the force of wealth, Yuri is rich.

Crystal--An irregular crystal stone, as long as not rock, can be placed in the five elements of the Ji-xing, can strengthen wealth. Crystal-If you buy a crystal, you should put two pieces of crystal crafts in the place.

The mother Crystal can be placed in the whole house of the place, the crystal can be placed in the owner of the bedroom of the Chihuahua.

Amethyst--suitable for placing in the five elements of the fire or the Earth's lucky, nature has the power to urge fortune.

Crystal Pestle--is a column and one end of the crystal is pointed, in principle, the right to casually placed in the house, must be star-Gua with the square, but some people who like the fire soil can wear, have the power of improvement. Note: The new crystal best to use brine to wash, this is a clean procedure, so that there is no fear of the Yin Ling hidden in the crystal.