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Crystal Trophy Properties
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Crystal Trophy is actually a symbol of noble purity, it is better to use it to make prizes to the excellent people.

Category: Trophies

Material: K9 Crystal/Artificial Crystal

Shape: Geometrical shape

Process: Cutting, grinding, inner carving, sandblasting, color printing

Applicable places: Office, home, hotels/restaurants, entertainment venues, government agencies, shopping malls, auditorium, exhibition halls, schools, other

Source of material: artificial

Printing Logo: You can

Packaging: Default Kam Box

Specification (long * width * high): drawings and samples making

Net Weight: Diverse

Origin: China

Use occasions: Advertising promotions, conference celebrations, Office benefits, business PR, thank customers, holiday celebrations, housewarming, graduate studies, stationery supplies, souvenir collection, other Whether to provide processing customization: yes