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Application Of Crystal Handicraft Technology
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Crystal refers to natural quartz crystals. Pure crystal, very beautiful, six square-shaped crystal, clean colorless, shiny, and can be reflected in the sun color colors. If there are impurities, there are colors, such as the famous topaz, amethyst and so on. But the natural bulk of the crystal is not much, generally man-made, the use of colorless quartz heating to 2000 ℃ transparent single crystals, through cutting, grinding and other methods to produce a variety of advanced crafts, lenses, etc., although the production of crystal products with high temperature, wear-resistant, not susceptible to acid and alkali corrosion performance, but its high cost, low processing efficiency.

And the real life of the "crystal Crafts" is made of plexiglass, transparent resin, such as crystal plastic technology products processing, these imitation crystal material transparency is very good, looks like crystal, processing convenient, raw materials easy to buy, cheap, can be a large number of mechanical production, can also be handmade home. Now this imitation crystal technology used in conference souvenirs, corporate promotional materials, craft gifts, tourist souvenirs, decorative supplies and so on, imitation Crystal Handicraft has its unique ornamental and collection, not only to improve its technology decoration and ornamental, and most enterprises and institutions in the handicraft printed on the relevant PR text and patterns, So that when people are watching unconsciously play the role of image publicity, improve the visibility of the enterprise.