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An Overview Of The Crystal Trophy
- Aug 20, 2018 -

A total of production processes: selection materials, open materials, pressure embryos, rough polishing, fine polishing, punching, plating color, sculpture, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging

1. Selection: Crystal raw materials are usually divided into several grades, the best is no impurities, provisions and bubbles, the material is also very regular, high brightness, very transparent, in turn, the difference is gradually small flaws.

2. Open material: is the whole piece of material to the large saw blade high-speed saw crystal pressure embryo of the shape and size required.

3. Pressure embryo: Mold to produce the required size and shape of the finished product, and then the raw material plus high-temperature to 900 ℃ above melting, into the mold, die-casting.

4. Coarse polishing: The hair embryo which presses out the mold, grinds the finished product by the diamond disk directly the engraved line.

5. Fine polishing: After coarse polishing, polishing the finished powder to the polished finish to the crystal clear.

6. Punch: Is in the Crystal finished before, according to the size and location of the hole required to drill hole drilling.

6. Screen printing: crystal surface with different color materials for effect treatment, color layer thicker, focus on the rear can fall off.

7. Plating color: The use of similar electroplating techniques in the crystal surface to different colors, thin layer, by friction can scratch, scratches, because the color is often located at the bottom, so often in the bottom of the plating color with other objects attached, such as the Zodiac Wen Town.

8. Sculpture: Strong sense of three-dimensional, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost. Hand-carved graphics, machine engraving text.

9. Sandblasting through the special medium covering to the crystal surface, and then with the machine through different thickness of sand impact crystal surface to form the pattern of customer needs.

10. The assembled crystal is a combination of several components, and here I need to assemble all the accessories. This is a meticulous work, a little careless will make the whole piece of product scrapped.