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What to pay attention to when making crystal ornaments
- Aug 20, 2018 -

1, the mold should be thoroughly cleaned and renovated before use, the place needs to be renovated after brushing the plastic coat resin, covering the polyester film, roll coating can be cured after the surface layer polishing

2, with a soft cloth on the mold surface to hit a layer of high-temperature wax, slightly dry after that polished as a mirror.

3, in the wax mold surface, brushing on a release agent, coated release agent to pay attention to evenly brushing, do not leak, otherwise affect product quality, and even cause waste.

4, after the release agent thoroughly dry, with the surface layer of resin (product plastic clothing) brush on the mold, do a layer of surface layer, the surface layer for the glue coat resin, can be any kind of plastic coat decorative type of high-temperature resin.

5, will be S-793 resistant to high temperature not full polyester resin to join the 4-8% curing agent stir, add the 3-6% of the promoter to stir evenly (high temperature promoter adding less, low temperature promoter adding more) will mix the slurry into the mold, a little vibration, vacuum elimination bubble, static set about 30 minutes later, After natural curing of raw materials, first remove the yin mold, release the heat in the mold, to be completely cured after the product and then remove the Yang mold.

6, will be removed from the mold from the product repair to waste edge, and then wash away with water release agent, polishing molding can be packaged warehousing.