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What are the tips for distinguishing between crystals and ordinary glass?
- Aug 20, 2018 -

1. Listen: Use the middle finger to hit, ordinary glassware sound is more stuffy "pa" sound, and crystal utensils of the sound is more brittle, is a metal sound "when" sound, hardness higher crystal image, the louder.

2. Gloss: In the sun, the high quality crystal refraction of the colorful colors, and the transition light is very natural and rich, the color of refraction is often not complete and more bleak. Its transparency in natural light comparison, high quality crystal transparency, showing the crystal white, and ordinary glass or impure crystal will be yellow or miscellaneous cyan.

3. Pattern: For the same color of the crystal, the pattern of handmade exquisite degree, in a small area of the more detailed pattern molding, the higher the value. Hand stroking, hand pattern surface has prickly rough feeling, and mechanism pattern surface is smooth.

4. Use: Because the crystal hardness is much higher than ordinary glass, long-term use is often not dirty, and glass repeatedly used for a long time, it is easy to have scratches and surface pollution. After the clear, you have to do is to carefully check the overall integrity of the product, the appearance of defects, whether the surface is smooth and meticulous.