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How to distinguish between crystal ball and glass ball
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Crystal ball and glass ball identification jewelry market has priceless crystal treasures, fine, there are impostors imitation crystal products. Imitation crystal is a glass product. If the instrument detection in the case of the identification of true and false is a very easy thing, but consumers can not take the instrument to buy crystal jewelry, so grasp some simple identification method is very important, lest deceived.

National Geology and Mineral Department rock testing Senior engineer, member of China Geological Society, China Science and Technology Association member Mr. Shing through long-term practice, summing up some experience, please do not imitate taste, often can receive the effect of satisfaction. The crystal ball has high ornamental value, so the price is very high. A good crystal ball of more than 10 centimeters, value million to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Because of the economic interests of the drive, unscrupulous businessmen in order to obtain profiteering, glass ball posing as a crystal ball. Whether it is a crystal ball or a glass ball is a simple and reliable visual recognition.

Just put a hair on a piece of white paper, Press the ball on the silk, constantly rolling the ball and observe the changes in the hair through the ball, found that there are two strands of hair is crystal ball, if the rolling in any direction can not see the hair double shadow is a glass ball. This is because the crystal has a birefringence and the glass-length crystalline body is only refracted.