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Crystal ball of true and false distinguish
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Here are some recommended methods for your reference. 1. Feel the energy of natural crystal after hundreds of millions of years of the world's essence of spiritual nourishment, including the cosmic consciousness, exudes the cosmic energy, grip in the hands, careful experience, there will be subtle as the vibration of electricity, it is exciting. and synthetic crystal Although the molecular formula is the same, but fast growth, the laboratory in a short period of hundreds of days, never properly absorbed, saved the cosmic energy, only with the material level of use, can not be compared with natural crystal gems. There is also a kind of "crystal glass", also known as Crystal, more from the Czech, Austrian imports, these beautiful things in fact just general glass into the 5-35% of lead, it seems to be transparent and bright, heavier weight, hardness reduction, there is no energy whatsoever. Smelting crystal, more than 100mm of imitation crystal ball belong to this category, its production is the quartz powder into the high-temperature furnace to be melted, extraction of impurities, the pure is the melting crystal. From any point of view can only be seen through the glass like.

2. Look at the inner bag in the selection of white crystal, natural crystal surface gloss is more than "light cyan", and contains the "inside package", some are some bright chips, can clean the human disease gas, and some like clouds like fog, such as mountains and landscapes, because of its natural formation, random form, there is strength, singular and rich in beauty. The artificial crystal looks very pale and clear, and some contain the regular elliptical floc, which is the generation layer of the artificial crystal. Synthetic crystal to do more beads or surface processing, such as pen-like pendants, ultrasonic yin carved Buddha pendant and so on.

3. Natural crystal with double refraction, under the polarizing mirror, natural crystal each turn 90°, will show the change of light and shade, and the bottom lights can penetrate up. And the synthetic crystal is dim, and the bottom light can't penetrate. Crystal glass and melting crystal is even more bleak.

4. Natural crystals are usually heavier, with natural crystals of the same size heavier than man-made crystals.