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Crystal Trophy

The crystal trophy is a symbol of noble and pure, often used for prizes awarded by the government and enterprises. It is crystal clear, sparkling, delicate, and can also be engraved on the lettering and pattern. The material used is crystal--clean like ice and snow. It is better to use it to make prizes for the best people.
Use occasions: advertising promotion, conference celebration, office welfare, business public relations, thank customers, festival celebration, housewarming, graduation, school supplies, commemorative collectibles, etc.
The production process has a total of: material selection, material opening, preforming, rough polishing, fine polishing, punching, plating, engraving, sand blasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging.
Here are some of processes:
1. Material selection: Crystal raw materials are usually divided into several grades. The best is that there are no impurities, provisions and bubbles, and the materials are also very regular. The brightness is very high, very transparent, and in turn, there are gradually small defects.
2. Unloading: It is the shape and size required to cut the whole piece of material into a crystal preform with a large saw blade at high speed.
3. Embossing: The size and shape of the finished product are made by the mold, and then the raw material is heated to a temperature higher than 900 ° C to melt, flow into the mold, and die-cast.
4. Rough polishing: The blank that is pressed out of the mold is directly ground out of the finished line by a diamond disk.
5. Fine polishing: After rough polishing, polish the finished product with polishing powder until it is crystal clear.
6. Punching: Before the finished crystal product is completed, the hole is machined and drilled according to the size and position of the hole required.
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