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Crystal Plaque

Crystal plaque can be used as a free gift for daily business activities of business units. It can promote exchanges between business and business, increase sales channels of enterprises, publicize the brand and image of enterprises, and deepen the image of enterprises in the eyes of partners.
Crystal plaque is different from ordinary gifts. It engraves the name of the enterprise unit on the crystal gift, and even engraves the corporate word, which has various shapes. As long as you think of that shape, a business gift of that shape can be made. Usually, crystal business gifts are customized and purchased by our company. Our manufacturers are responsible for the design, production, sales, distribution and other steps, saving the troubles of other parts of the enterprise and saving the procurement cost.
This crystal plaque can be placed on a desk, study, etc. to highlight the value of business and individuals.
We are able to provide a business crystal gift with a special meaning, to provide the company with a brand image promotion, to spread the corporate service concept and core ideas.
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