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Crystal Perfume Bottle

The main material of the crystal perfume bottle is K9 artificial crystal. It is mainly used in cars, with a beautiful appearance and transparent body surface, giving people a refreshing feeling. The crystal perfume bottle is interlaced with a variety of color crystal materials, which further reflects the exquisiteness of the crystal. The perfume bottle is suitable for incense decoration in the room, living room and car.
The crystal perfume bottle is made of glass crystal and gives a light and elegant feeling. These delicately decorated perfume bottles play a decisive role in attracting women's visual attention. The surface of the engraved flower, the fabulous flower bottle cap, and some of the hand-bound bows make the visual art of the perfume bottle and the scent art of the perfume have the same value.
Most of the car perfume bottles are made of crystal, not only because of the crystal perfume bottle. Crystal perfume bottles have the function that glass perfume bottles do not have. Since car perfume bottles are exposed to the sun all the year round, if they are easily replaced by ordinary glass bottles, they can be deteriorated due to uneven heat. However, the use of crystal perfume bottles can maximize the shelf life of the perfume. Moreover, the capacity of the perfume bottle is particularly small, it is the standard 2ML--10ML, 2ML is the most scientific and reasonable capacity. The perfume has a too bad volatilization effect in one-time installation, and it is easy to deteriorate after a long time. 2ML can be used for about 2 months. It can be used up before the perfume deteriorates, reducing waste, so our crystal perfume bottle is your first choice, but also the first choice for car perfume.
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