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Crystal Paperweight

Paperweight is a traditional Chinese handicraft, which refers to the things used to press paper when writing.
Crystal paperweight is the ruler made of natural crystal or artificial crystal. It is one of the four treasures of the study. It has been loved by literati since ancient times.
The crystal clear crystal paperweight is beautifully packaged and easy to carry as a souvenir, as a gift and a meeting giveaway. It is commonly used for conference celebrations, business public relations, opening celebrations, festival celebrations and town house supplies.
Crystal paperweight gradually replaces the traditional woodcarving paperweight, and it becomes more colorful in color. Crystal paperweights are usually made from a grade of K9 crystal material, ensuring no bubbles and crystal clear. In the traditional craftsmanship, Crystal Paperweight uses a more advanced optical cold processing technology to polish the combination, using a dozen processes such as film blasting, laser engraving, vacuum coating, digital imaging, packaging and printing.
This crystal paperweight is made of crystal, and the new technoligy is used in the middle to draw various patterns. It is a great study decoration, collection, and gifts for friends.
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  • Custom Crystal Paperweight

    Custom Crystal Paperweight

    Paperweight carving, from ancient times to modern times, this process is also constantly changing, generally carved books, carvings, reliefs, light plate, a total of dozens of categories, sometimes due to the customs and habits, the replacement of dynasties, a variety of...Read More

  • Crystal Glass Diamond Shaped Paperweight

    Crystal Glass Diamond Shaped Paperweight

    Whether you wish to obtain the crystal glass paperweight for yourself or as a present for somebody else, make the most of the totally free customization given. Another reason that you ought to choose the Crystal Glass Paperweight is since it's customizable. If this is the...Read More

  • Crystal Paperweights Gifts

    Crystal Paperweights Gifts

    Crystal paperweights as recognition awards can be found in an amazing selection of sizes, shapes, motifs and colours. A paperweight is something which can be treasured forever and transported wherever the person goes, a memorable and individual gift ideal for any occasion,...Read More

  • Crystal Glass Paperweights

    Crystal Glass Paperweights

    Because paperweights were all handmade, there are normally variations and flaws in every one of them, every one of which affects the worth. Most paperweights are made on a base or plaque of glass, and crystal clear glass is used over the top of the plan. The paperweight comes...Read More

  • Crystal Glass Car Paperweights

    Crystal Glass Car Paperweights

    Crystal can make various shapes of gifts, crystal paperweight can also according to the purpose and process, divided into several kinds, generally have double-sided printing crystal paperweight, paperweight gifts, advertising gifts, crystal color printing crystal paperweight,...Read More

  • Crystal Photo Paperweight

    Crystal Photo Paperweight

    According to the manufacturing process, there are three kinds of crystal paperweight: sandblasting paperweight, color printing paperweight and internal adjustment paperweight. Sandblasting refers to sandblasting on the crystal surface, and then carving various patterns of...Read More

  • Optical Crystal Paperweight

    Optical Crystal Paperweight

    Crystal paperweights for recognition and appreciation crown stipulates the best choice of excellent recognition paperweights at the best deals. Optical Crystal is an entirely Lead Free material. A laser crystal personalized ornament may be the ideal gift to someone dealing...Read More

  • Heart Shaped Crystal Paperweights

    Heart Shaped Crystal Paperweights

    A high-quality paperweight can function as a terrific gift. The Silver Heart Paperweight is a superb present for teachers, friends or family. Every one of the Silver Heart Paperweight is certain to be a treasured item for many years to come. Crystals or gemstones radiate...Read More

  • Crystal Dome Paperweight

    Crystal Dome Paperweight

    The purchase price will often reflect the material that's chosen to compose the paperweights. This exact same process was also utilized to produce paperweights with the proprietor's name encased or an advertisement of a company or product. Engraving a paperweight is...Read More

  • Paperweights Glass and Crystal

    Paperweights Glass and Crystal

    Paperweights are among the most popular and powerful promotional goods on the industry too and make brilliant small business gifts and a manner of showing appreciation for an employees hard work. A paperweight is a little good object which is put in addition to papers to...Read More

  • Faceted Crystal Paperweight

    Faceted Crystal Paperweight

    Paperweight is to repair the paper pattern as it can be shaken when you draw it to the leather with an awl. It's simple to find out when this paperweight was made. As a customer, all you need to do is locate the fashion of crystal that's most effective for the giftee...Read More

  • Personalized Crystal Paperweights

    Personalized Crystal Paperweights

    A paperweight is something which can be treasured forever and transported wherever the person goes, a memorable and individual gift ideal for any occasion, however small or big.The clearest use of the diamond paperweight is that it's a crucial part of an office or house,...Read More

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