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Crystal Handle

The crystal handles are crafted with exquisite craftsmanship, elegant and generous, with high appreciation value and collection value, which are very popular among Chinese and foreign customers. It can be used as a wardrobe handle, a cabinet handle, a drawer handle, and the like. This crystal handle is suitable for all kinds of home, hotel, and high-end restaurant decorations. The image is high-grade and generous, and the color is bright and beautiful.
Our products can withstand testing and ensure that 100% of the indicators meet the industry standards set by the state. The light passes through the refraction and reflection of the crystal, making the crystal handle like a diamond embedded in the furniture. The silver-plated finish on the bottom of the crystal reinforces these effects and is unique. These products fix the round crystal with a strong shadowless glue on the base, so that the crystal and the base are tightly combined without damaging the appearance of the crystal.
The crystal knob feels comfortable, the texture is perfect, and the feel is excellent. This is a simple, practical and economical way to decorate an elegant room, and it's also a great helper to pull out the drawers quickly and easily.
KINSAM - Professional crystal handle manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing the best customized service. Welcome to wholesale or buy discount crystal handle in stock here from our factory. For price consultation, contact us.
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