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Crystal Clock

This kind of crystal clock belongs to the custom-made product, which is a tailor-made product for customers. Because each customer's requirements are different, including size, appearance structure, printing design, process materials, quality quantity, etc., we can customize one by one according to customer needs.
Our crystal clocks come in a variety of styles to choose from. They can be used as anniversary souvenirs for business units, corporate anniversary souvenirs, military souvenirs, crystal carving crafts, celebration crafts, etc. It can be placed in the office, and it is both a clock and a good ornament. Whether it is for giving or for personal use, it is a good choice.
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After using ordinary cleaning solution to water, place the items to be cleaned, wash them with a soft brush or hand, then rinse them off with water. Finally, take them out and dry them. When they are half dry, wipe them off with a soft towel. This does not leave water marks and fingerprints; try to avoid cleaning with alkaline, acidic and alcohol-based detergents to avoid corrosion. In addition, trophies and other utensils should reduce the heating time to avoid yellowing; do not wait for the water to dry before rubbing. Because the water will leave water marks after drying, it must be wiped when it is half dry.
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