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Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is made of natural crystal column, which is not easy to process. The birth of a ball consumes 4-6 times more material than its weight, and it is very risky when it is rounded, because it tends to chapped and is abandoned. The crystal ball has a high ornamental value. The spherical body of the crystal ball itself represents a perfection.
The crystal ball represents the energy of fortitude, decisiveness, courage, and perseverance. It is a symbol of energy gemstones and wealth that can help the authority. It is most suitable for people who are interested in creating a big business and ready to accept challenges and solve problems. It can strengthen one's beliefs, self-confidence and decisiveness., enabling a person to move forward to the highest goal, bringing wealth to entrepreneurs, giving the wearer confidence, firm belief, and the ability to absorb the surrounding magnetic field, and it can also reduce radiation, and condense the energy of the space.
Crystal columns and crystal balls can be placed in the general office. Its energy concentration and strong magnetic field can greatly improve the brain's thinking activity and increase wisdom.
Supermarkets, shops, companies, put crystal balls in business places, can amplify the magnetic field, increase the popularity of people and business.
Place a crystal ball next to the TV, next to the computer, and next to the microwave can reduce radiation.
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