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Crystal Award

Our crystal awards are made of high-quality crystals from China, with high transparency, few bubbles, and no yellowing or discoloration. We also have a professional design team, from the craftsmanship, color and other aspects of the design. The stylish high-end design can highlight the corporate image.
This crystal award is made by processes including sand blasting, color printing, engraving, press forming, and cutting. These crystal awards are crystal clear and flawless crystals, providing customers with a full range of crystal award solutions to enhance their brand value.
It is crystal clear, sparkling, delicate, and can be engraved with text or graphics. Use occasions includes advertising promotion, conference celebration, office welfare, business public relations, festival celebration, housewarming, graduation, school supplies, commemorative collectibles, etc.
As a symbol of noble purity and image, this medal is often used for prizes awarded by the government and enterprises. It is suitable for use in qualifications, awards, and commemorative events. We can customize the pattern and text for you according to your needs.
KINSAM - Professional crystal award manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing the best customized service. Welcome to wholesale or buy discount crystal award in stock here from our factory. For price consultation, contact us.
  • 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards

    3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards

    The crystal 3D inner carving effect is clear and distinct. 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Award is the best choice for gift giving and household decoration.Read More

  • Crystal Apple Teacher Award

    Crystal Apple Teacher Award

    Crystal identification: Eye view method: natural crystal can have flocculation commonly (cotton grain), namely everybody is commonly known blemish, this is the small hole that liquid drops stone and carbon dioxide, and the man-made synthesis crystal won't have such...Read More

  • Crystal Sales Awards

    Crystal Sales Awards

    The crystalline stone is an ancient natural gem. It is a crystalline crystal (crystalline, opaque, quartz crystal only) that is as clear as water in quartz minerals. For thousands of years, crystal, with its pure, transparent and hard texture, is regarded as a symbol of...Read More

  • Crystal Football Award

    Crystal Football Award

    The five qualities of crystal - recall, storage, expansion, alteration, and collection. Newly bought crystal, because the crystal will recall all the people and things it touches, a crystal raw stone may retain the memories of the miner, the owner, the merchant, the porter,...Read More

  • Crystal Glass Awards Trophies

    Crystal Glass Awards Trophies

    The perfect Way to Clean Crystal and Glass Trophies Crystal and glass are among the most well-known forms of awards trophies and it isn't surprising, since they indeed look very beautiful, elegant and pricey. Crystal medal, cup features: crystal clear, noble and elegant....Read More

  • Crystal Clock Awards

    Crystal Clock Awards

    Definition of cryolite: Crystal stone is a colorless and transparent large quartz crystal mineral whose main chemical composition is silica. Crystal stones are generally colorless, purple, yellow, green and smoky, with a glassy luster, transparent to translucent...Read More

  • High End Crystal Awards

    High End Crystal Awards

    At present crystal handicraft on the market is very popular, be loved by people deeply, basically apply in all sorts of small adorn article among, the small article that serves as people is its action only, what is its specific action? It can be said that it doesn't...Read More

  • Crystal Corporate Award

    Crystal Corporate Award

    Crystal products are processed into two types: grinding and carving. Crystal ornaments for grinding, and such as snuff bottles are mainly carved. Good crystal products in addition to exquisite workmanship, but also the maximum display of the inner beauty of crystal. The 3rd...Read More

  • Custom Crystal Awards and Trophies

    Custom Crystal Awards and Trophies

    The name of crystal mineralogy is quartz, which is a colorless and transparent quartz crystal. Quartz is one of the most widely distributed minerals in the quartz crust. Its chemical composition is potassium dioxide. Methods/steps 1. The chemical composition is sio2, and the...Read More

  • Crystal Star Award

    Crystal Star Award

    Crystal is colorless, purple, yellow, green and smoky. Glass luster. Transparent to translucent. The hardness is 7. It's crisp. The density is 2.65. Amethyst has a clear two color character. Huang Shuijing and tea crystal have weak two colors. The luminescent crystal has...Read More

  • Crystal Book Award

    Crystal Book Award

    Crystal is a stable material in physics and chemistry, and its Piezoelectricity and elastic properties make it have high Q value, low activity rate, high sensitivity, high stability and other excellent properties when mechanical vibration is manifested in electricity....Read More

  • Crystal Star Awards

    Crystal Star Awards

    Crystals are cut and processed in different ways, and the nature of energy varies. Here is a brief introduction: Rough stone: in general, rough stone hides the original fluctuation of crystal stone, which is very pure and natural. Just as the nature of human beings varies...Read More

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As one of the most professional crystal award manufacturers and suppliers in China, we bring here customized crystal products with good price. Welcome to wholesale or buy discount crystal award from our factory.