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Crystal Ashtray

The crystal ashtray is a container for smoking ash when smoking, which is both beautiful and practical. Our crystal ashtrays come in many shapes, such as round, rectangular, orthodontic, polygonal, and elliptical. There are also great changes in color, and you can imprint the patterns and text you want. There are usually small recesses around the mouth of the ashtray, where the cigarettes are placed.
The crystal ashtray is made of artificial K9 crystal material and has been carefully crafted by cutting, grinding, punching and polishing. The crystal ashtray is elegant and crystal clear. It is a practical decoration for home office, and it is also a practical and high-end gift for leaders, colleagues, friends and relatives.
The crystal ashtray is a work of art. It has different colors and can be used not only to hold soot, but also to be a good home accessory. The crystal ashtray is also the favorite of MAN men, and is an indispensable object for smokers who like to smoke. We offer a variety of crystal ashtrays of different shapes, sizes and colors. Customized crystal ashtrays can be added with the company logo company name and other specific content. Most of them will engrave the special content on the bottom of the crystal ashtray to gain the effect of corporate promotion.
Daily considerations
Crystal ashtrays can be focused in sunlight, such as paper or other combustible items placed near a crystal ashtray, posing a fire hazard.
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  • Large Crystal Ashtray

    Large Crystal Ashtray

    To summarize, ashtrays are created from an assortment of materials and they are able to possess diverse states of functionality and design. Crystal ashtrays are a good option. One of the most unique gifts our ashtrays foretell elegance. The design of the crystal ashtray is...Read More

  • Crystal Glass Ashtray

    Crystal Glass Ashtray

    Cannabis leaf ash trays are created from thick, higher excellent glass and are great for the normal smoker. The crystal ashtray, made of crystal, has "slots" for cigars, and a few "slots" mean several cigars can be placed. When travelling by vehicle,...Read More

  • Pinwheel Crystal Ashtray

    Pinwheel Crystal Ashtray

    Smoke trough has cigar and cigarette two kinds of design commonly, it is made with crystal, color also is a variety of diversiform, have colorless, black, yellow, argent, blue wait for a number of color. Other styles are also available, the shape is irregular, including the...Read More

  • Large Crystal Cigar Ashtray

    Large Crystal Cigar Ashtray

    It's unlikely that one unique ashtray will provide you with your fortune even though a rare ashtray can surely make you sit up and take notice. The crystal cigar ashtray of our factory is made of advanced equipment and handicrafts. Not only practical and beautiful....Read More

  • Crystal Single Cigar Ashtray

    Crystal Single Cigar Ashtray

    With cigar crystal smoke implement, great place went to smoke crowd, later general have cigarette butt, be unlikely to throw away carelessly, ash also can use crystal cigar ashtray to be filled, need to use clear water to rinse only afterwards can, convenient and effective,...Read More

  • Real Crystal Ashtray

    Real Crystal Ashtray

    The ashtray made of crystal, usually highly transparent, can also emit colorful spots, high appreciation value, beautiful. It can be used in many places such as home, office, senior club, enterprise and hotel. The high temperature resistance performance of crystal ashtray is...Read More

  • Waterford Crystal Cigar Ashtray

    Waterford Crystal Cigar Ashtray

    The K9 crystal material produces this ashtray distinguished and prepared to be put in a study or living room. On account of the material composition, cleaning this ashtray is fast and simple to accomplish. They come in a range of prices and generally are designed to last....Read More

  • Crystal Ashtray Online

    Crystal Ashtray Online

    Ashtrays are usually made from fire retardant material like glass, heat.Vintage and retro collectible ashtrays are offered in a broad selection of unique designs. Ironically, different ashtrays usually play a significant role in ensuring that all of the ashes produced when...Read More

  • Crystal Ashtrays

    Crystal Ashtrays

    There are a couple of diverse kinds of ashtrays with specific attributes. Cigar ashtrays are a significant part of a cigar accessory collection. With a polished stainless steel finish, the Stinky Cigar Ashtray is intended to last and is quite simple to wash. Cigar ashtrays...Read More

  • Personalized Crystal Ashtray

    Personalized Crystal Ashtray

    Ashtrays are needed to keep smoking areas clean, but they do not need to look as a product used to for disposal. Normally, the cigar holder portions of the ashtray are extremely large but bear in mind the size with the more compact models out there. This ashtray is...Read More

  • Bohemia Crystal Ashtray

    Bohemia Crystal Ashtray

    If you've got a huge crystal or glass ashtray, you might need to fill it with water and float a flower blossom or just a candle within it. For instance, you may group all your glass together, all your silver together and all your brass together. Vaseline glass is...Read More

  • Antique Crystal Ashtrays

    Antique Crystal Ashtrays

    Crystal ashtray with the crystal materials, reveal, transparent crystal dream colour and appearance looks be like simple, but the crystal ashtray after years of market baptism, is still very popular, general crystal ashtray is suitable for families, hotels, enterprises and...Read More

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